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Custom Nail Polish Kits

Your Nails Look BTW.

Meet Our Kits

All of our custom nail polish kits are made with a unique blend of ingredients, resulting in a formula that couldn’t exist without you.

  • Cosmic Crush Nail Kit - Make Your Own Polish

    Cosmic Crush Kit (Gold | Rose Gold | Copper | Silver)

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  • Floral Fancy Nail Kit - Make Your Own Polish - in the Bottle

    Floral Fancy Kit (Pink | Purple | Red)

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"Sunset Sangria" Kit

(Coral | Red | Orange | Yellow | Pink)


"Sea & Sky" Kit

(Blue | Green | Yellow | Turquoise)


"Midnight Moon" Kit

(Black| Gray | White)


"The Mia Collection" Kit

(Pink| Purple | Green | Orange)


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