Step 1

Figure out which general color you want, then choose from the nail polish kits below.  

If you want the full mani experience, be sure to upgrade to The Deluxe Kit.

Step 2

When your kit arrives, follow the simple instructions for combining ingredients and creating your custom nail polish shade. 

Step 3

Bottle it up and give your new color a name.  This is going to be your signature look.  Feel free to repeat this process for keep up with seasonal trends. 

  • Prep your space

    Turn on your hype music, roll up your sleeves and clear your space to let your artistic side take over.  

  • Pour your base

    Start your polish-making journey by pouring 10ml of base.  And we make it ridiculously easy to measure. 

  • Mix your colors

    This is where chemistry class takes over.  Adding your dry pigments with your liquid colors is where science comes in but don't worry there are limits and our fail safe formula so you can't mess it up!

  • Test your color

    Swipe that new shade right on your nail.  You'll either fall in love or give it a little color edit by adding more color. 

  • Bottle it up

    We give you a handy-dandy funnel to make pouring your color into your bottle a breeze.  This is where your creation starts feeling super real!

  • Cap it and name it

    Is it Strawberry Smooch or Pacific Blue?  Once you put the cap on and name it, it's official.  This custom bottle of nail polish is your new iconic style.

Good for you

Our nail polish is vegan, free of harmful chemicals, and cruelty-free.  And these premium ingredients also mean your mani stays on longer.  

No base coat necessary

Yes, you heard us right.  This bottles of nail polish is all you need.  On that note, you can also skip the top coat unless you're all about the extra-glossy.  

1 Kit, 3 Bottles

You didn't just think you'd have to commit to one signature color?  Each kit easily creates three bottles of custom nail polish

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the nail polish hard to make?

Not at all!  Scroll on up and see exactly how it works in an easy step-by-step format.  You'll be surprised by how simple creating your own color is.  

What if I mess up the color?

Here's a secret: you can't mess up.  There are color limitations and formula steps, so you won't get a hideous shade of weird mixed-up brown.  Test out your shade on your placemat or even your nail (before bottling) and if you don't feel like it's perfect, just add a bit more color.  

Is the nail polish high quality?

Yep!  We only use premium ingredients that allow your color to stay on longer and benefit your nail health.  Our polish is free of all harmful chemicals while being both cruelty-free and vegan.  

How many bottles of nail polish can I make from 1 kit?

Each kit makes 3 bottles of polish.  (Which *newsflash* comes out to being less expensive than purchasing premium nail polishes)

I have a different question; where can I ask it?

Feel free to get in contact by emailing us at