recover from the damage of Gel Polish

Get the Gorgeous Nails you deserve

12 Weeks to Your Strongest Nails Ever

Are your nails feeling the aftermath of countless gel manicures?

It's time to break free from the damaging cycle and embark on a journey towards healthier, stronger nails with Taylor Made Polish. While gel polish may offer a glossy, long-lasting finish, the toll it takes on your nails can be significant.

Its time for a change

welcome to the new standard in nail care

Simple, healthy products and techniques made to work together for the road to recovery and everyday maintenance for the beautiful natural nails you deserve.

our plan

Say goodbye to the damaging effects of gel polish and hello to a healthier nail routine with Taylor Made Polish.  We’ve created a Step by Step Guide, Manicure Checklist and easy to follow Schedule. 

Get started on your healthy nail journey now!

recovery schedule

A rolling calendar with exactly what you need to do EVERYDAY


step by step guide

We break down each step and technique for your best results.


product checklist

Each of the product and tools you need for a lifetime of healthy nails!


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