Sizzling Summer Nail Trends for 2023: Paint the Season Bright!

Sizzling Summer Nail Trends for 2023: Paint the Season Bright!

Hello, clean beauty babes! Are you ready to embrace the sweet symphony of summer? Well, there's no better way than to kick-start the season with a splash of vibrant colors on your nails. This Summer 2023, we are anticipating an exciting array of nail color trends that embody the spirit of the sun-kissed season. Let's dive into the sea of colors and explore the upcoming trends.

Zesty Citrus Colors

The first trend we're looking at this summer is citrus. This color palette brings the refreshing feel of juicy oranges, limes, and lemons right to your fingertips. Check out our homemade hues, 'Citrus Mistress' and 'Pucker Up', for a tango with tangy zest and sweet sunshine. Both of these shades were created with our Blue Green Yellow Teal Kit, allowing you to mix and match to your heart's content.

Tranquil Beachy Blues

Next on the trend-train are the serene and calming beachy blues. These hues are reminiscent of the soothing ocean waves and crystal-clear summer skies. Our signature 'Beach Blue' shade is the perfect embodiment of this tranquil color trend. Created using our Blue Green Yellow Teal Kit, this color can transport you to a breezy beach with each stroke.

Vivacious Playful Pinks

Summer wouldn't be complete without a dose of playful pinks. Adding a splash of fun and liveliness to your style, our 'Pucker Up', 'Drunk Tank Pink', and 'Revenge Nails' shades cater to the vibrant pink trend. These shades, born from our Pink Purple Red Kit, can range from a subtle whisper of color to a louder statement, making your nails stand out in the crowd.

Soothing Calm Lavender

As the sun begins to set, the calming shades of lavender make their grand entrance. Our 'I Lilac You A Lot' shade captures the tranquility of the summer twilight. This calm lavender hue is a testament to the serene summer blooms that grace our gardens, all made possible with our Pink Purple Red Kit.

Timeless Barely There Neutrals

For those who appreciate the minimalist aesthetic, the barely there neutrals are a timeless trend. Our 'Havana Cream' shade brings a touch of sophistication to your nails, proving that less is indeed more. This shade is a part of our Pink Red Coral Orange Yellow Kit, bringing the simplicity and elegance of neutrals at your fingertips.

Lively Coral

And finally, the fiery and energetic coral hues are here to add a splash of audacity to your summer style. Our 'Pomegranate' and 'Creamsicle Crush" shades capture the essence of this bold color trend. These vibrant hues, created with our Pink Red Coral Orange Yellow Kit, is a summer staple for any nail color aficionado.

Bring Summer 2023 Nail Color Trends to Life!

Now that you have a taste of the summer 2023 nail color trends, why not create your own? With our Taylor Made Polish Kits, you can bring these trends to life and flaunt your creativity. So go ahead, add a dash of color to your summer and let your nails do the talking!

Remember, beauty is all about expressing yourself. So whether you're a citrus enthusiast, a beachy blues lover, a playful pink fan, a calm lavender advocate, a neutrals aficionado, or a lively coral supporter, there's a trend for you this summer.

Let's raise a toast to a colorful, vibrant, and fabulous summer!