Get Rid of Gel Polish for Good

Get Rid of Gel Polish for Good

Are your nails feeling the aftermath of countless gel manicures? It's time to break free from the damaging cycle and embark on a journey towards healthier, stronger nails with Taylor Made Polish. While gel polish may offer a glossy, long-lasting finish, the toll it takes on your nails can be significant.

Gel polish application often involves harsh chemicals and a curing process, leading to weakened and brittle nails over time. The removal process can be equally detrimental, as aggressive scraping and soaking can strip your nails of their natural strength and moisture. But fear not, because Taylor Made Polish is here to help you bid farewell to damaged nails and welcome a revitalized, natural look.

Our 12-week plan is designed to restore and rejuvenate your nails, ensuring they regain their former strength and resilience.

Throughout the 12 weeks, incorporate Taylor Made Polish's range of strengthening and hydrating products into your routine. Each product and step is carefully crafted to support your nails on their journey to recovery.

Say goodbye to the damaging effects of gel polish and hello to a healthier nail routine with Taylor Made Polish.  We’ve created a Step by Step Guide, Manicure Checklist and easy to follow Schedule.  Get started on your healthy nail journey and download them below!