Compliment Your Skin Tone and Style Your Seasons

Compliment Your Skin Tone and Style Your Seasons

Choosing colors based on the season is a no-fail way to build a color palette repertoire for your nail polish wardrobe. While we all know there are traditional colors associated with every season, those may not always be the most flattering on you. That’s why when choosing colors, you should first go for what works best with your natural skin undertones, then select seasonal colors you enjoy from there.

For Warm Skin Undertones

If your skin tone is on the warmer side of the color wheel, stick to shades that also have those warm notes to them. Those colors tend to be bright and rich, but warm brown neutrals also fall into that category.  For Fall/Winter, we love a rich chocolate brown, cherry red, or pumpkin spice orange. Transition into Spring/Summer with canary yellow, golden cream, or even pastel orange.


For Cool Skin Undertones

Our cool tone folks will want to shy towards the cooler side of the color wheel and shy away from anything vivid and warm (think bright reds, yellows, and oranges). Great Fall/Winter Shades include a cool gray, dusty lilac, and navy blue. Lighten and brighten things up for Spring/Summer with bright white, seafoam green, or a plum pink.


The Neutral Options

Neutral shades will work for everyone, whether you have warm or cool tones or fall somewhere in the middle. Fall/Winter calls for taupe, emerald green, or even a dusty pink. For the Spring/Summer, you may find pale petal pink, ocean blue, or light gray to be your new favorite color choice.

Whether your undertones are cool, warm, or neutral, with the limitless color options in a Taylor Made Custom Nail Polish Kit, you can select the perfect shades for you to style your season.