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Mass Nail Polish Is
Designed For "the masses"

…with a few narrow products intended for as many people as possible. Your results may vary, but your options stay the same.

Custom Nail Polish Is
Designed For The Individual

…with options that are literally made different for everyone, continually delivering and exciting the senses with you over time.

We Believe Everyone
Deserves Extraordinary Nails

…and that making things custom is the only way to give everyone their best individual results.

Meet Our Founder
Vanessa Ungvarsky

Frustrated with the largely unregulated beauty industry, Vanessa Ungvarsky created custom kits that puts the fun in toxin-free fashion. Her Taylor Made makeyourownpolish Kits feature over 200 non-toxic color pigments that allow customers to mix their own nail polishes—great as a group activity or to finally get the shade you’ve been searching for.

Although she didn’t work in a salon, my mother became a licensed nail tech and did a lot of nails—mostly her own. Being a working military mom, I wanted something that gave me a little time for myself and made me feel feminine. It was the little things that mattered when faced with challenges of motherhood, work and school. Over several years, I began making changes to better my health and environment—organic foods, CSA workshare, switching hair and skin care products. I knew there were nasty chemicals in polish, but I wasn’t willing to give up the satisfaction of my nails. How bad could it really be? I started reading more and more, and what I found was very unsettling. I decided I just needed to make the change, and if I couldn’t find it, I would make it.

Vanessa, Taylor Made Polish

After a career in the Air Force and 10 years working for Merck Pharmaceuticals, Vanessa left her corporate job to pursue a better work/life balance with her sons and husband Kris. This was when she started making healthy personal changes.

Naturally High-Performing
Kit Ingredients

It can be difficult, especially if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. What makes something toxic? What ingredients are unsafe? Labels can be deceiving, and maneuvering through aisles of products with hard-to-read verbiage and ingredients is overwhelming. We wanted to make it easy because it is important.

Many of our customers use our polish because they’re unsure about something they’ve read, and/or they want to match all aspects of their beauty with their lifestyle choices.

Cleaning Up
The Nail Industry

We’re a company who wants to change beauty practices, so we’re changing the way nail polish is made. As an eco-friendly-minded company, we’re proving that good business is always sustainable. With makeyourownpolish™, there’s nothing sacrificed to bring you great nail polish—not trees, materials, or performance. We can all thrive together.

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